Virtual Office in Telford

Enjoy the benefits of a prominent business address and access to the business support services you need without having a physical office space. With flexible terms and low monthly rates, our Virtual Office in Telford provides a lower-cost way of having a professional presence at our dedicated hub in the heart of Telford.

A virtual office has no limits and plenty of people use them from all walks of life. Whether you’re a small business owner or the CEO of a corporate empire, virtual offices can be beneficial to your business. Start-ups or home based businesses can use these services to have a presence in Telford without committing to a long term rental. Equally multinational companies can use the virtual services to test the local market or to establish a base without the costs of traditional office space and relocation costs.

The evolving work landscape also means that many industries do not see a need for a traditional office space. Technology companies for example can often have their empolyees work remotely from home. The need for a local address, telephony and mail handling however still exist. A virtual office can provide these services and still allow empolyees to work remotely.

From a virtual office address to a virtual phone service, we'll make sure you have all you need to keep your daily business operations running smoothly. In fact, it’s everything you need to successfully run your business from anywhere!

Our Virtual Office Plan options can include…

  • Telephony (designated DDI with call forwarding)
  • Mail Handling
  • Parcel storage and handling
  • Mail forwarding
  • Flexible terms

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