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The Benefits of Serviced Offices

Now that business is developing, there is no longer a need to have one office for your company. With potential clients up and down the UK, restricting yourself to one location can result in loss of revenue. We also understand that offices are expensive. Starting up a business is hard enough, and with high office fees, making it virtually impossible. Having to supply furniture, pay for gas, electric and water, it makes it very hard to create any revenue in the first few months. We may have a solution. Here’s why we think renting a serviced office is the best way forward.

Offices are pricey. One of the most expensive things for a business is the office space. Renting an office is usually on a 5-year contact, even then you will need to supply furniture, heating, electricity and so on. For some businesses, especially new ones, this can be a real challenge.

Serviced offices come in all sizes, with shared facilities and communal spaces, they offer everything a usual office would, but for lower costs. They tend to be based in prime locations where business thrives, that way you can gain as much revenue as possible. They can be rented for a time as little as just one month, so you can plan out when you will be having meetings etc. This one of fee includes water, electricity, shared kitchens and cleaning!

If you find that your rented office isn’t big enough due to business growth, you can simply move into a larger office in the centre. Every business centre is professional and clean, so rest assured your clients and workers will feel comfortable. With receptionists in smart lobby areas greeting customers, it means your business remains highly professional.

Desks, chairs, pedestals and bookcases will not need to be transported as all serviced offices come fully furnished. This can take a big cost away from hiring movers from office to office. Reducing moving times, it means more productivity can happen.

If your business is growing, a serviced office may be the right solution for you. With hundreds of offices to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect size for your company. This flexibility means you can make quick changes to your office space, making it a fully adaptable way of working.

At M54 Space Centre, our office spaces are ideally situated, with car parking spaces enough for all clients and workers. Our office space provides a complete business support infrastructure with highly competitive rates.

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Guide for setting up a great office space.

Setting up a great office space is crucial for the success of your business. By considering things such as the location and size as well as an office layout and equipment, you can create the perfect space for your business.

Finding the right space


The first step towards creating a great office space is choosing the perfect location. The location of your office space needs to be accessible for your employees as well as your clients. Having good transport links is essential to a successful office. It is also worth keeping an eye out for adequate parking and car parks, both at the location and the surrounding area.


Once you have a location in mind, the next thing that you need to consider is the size of the office itself. To determine whether an office space is the right size for your business, think about:

• The number of employees that you have

• The daily activities your business carries out

• The costs of square feet in your location

• Expansion opportunities

• Business growth

Office Layout & Equipment


Your office layout is a key step in creating a great office. Desks need to be placed appropriately so that the requirements are met for whoever is working at them. This includes electronic requirements and communication access.


Having the appropriate storage is a vital aspect for any business. Consider stackable systems that reduce clutter and open up valuable space.

Décor & lighting

The décor and lighting of your office space depends on the type of business that you have. The colours you choose should reflect your business, whether if it’s bold and bright or calm and muted. The décor you choose should not distract too much from work and remember to keep it simple to reduce clutter.

Dedicated areas

The last thing to consider when setting up a great office is do you need dedicated areas? This can include a reception area, waiting rooms, meeting rooms or even just a general spare room for storage.

Looking for office space in Telford?

The M54 Space Centre believes that It is important to discover what your business needs in a space and get it right. Starting up a business is expensive, particularly if you need to change site frequently as you grow. With M54 Space Centre solutions, your office space can grow as your business does! So whether you’re a brand new business or a small run business, this is a great location for you.

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Renting Offices in Telford

Starting up a business is expensive! This is particularly the case if growth requires you to change sites frequently. Finding a flexible rental space is the best way to have space which will grow with your business.

Why choose to rent offices in Telford: 

Telford was recently named one of the best towns in the Midlands to make a living. It beat out the likes of Mansfield, Stoke, Coventry and Birmingham to be named the second-best place to make a living in the Midlands only beaten by Derby.

TotallyMoney Head of Brand & Content, Joe Gardiner, said: “While many are drawn to bigger cities, such as London and Birmingham, in the hope of earning a decent living, our research shows they may not be the best overall option due to higher-than-average living costs.

The M54 Space Centre offices: 

The M54 Space Centre is based on the Halesfield Business Park. It includes purpose-built office suites which vary in size to suit a range of requirements. The office solutions come with a host of options that allow you to create the perfect space for you including:

  • Very Competitive Pricing Structure
  • One man offices tailored to suit a start-up business. This includes data and telephony Offices ranging from one to 10 workstations
  • Fully furnished comprising desk, chair, pedestal and bookcase.
  • Data to suit your business requirements.
  • Telephony commissioned within 24 hours. This includes a DDI and extension number. Mail and Parcel handling
  • Flexible terms