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New Financial Year – Time for a Clear Out!

You may be due a clear out, and what better time than at the start of the new financial year! Start decluttering your workspace and watch your productivity fly high. If you are struggling to decide if things need to be kept or can be thrown, consider self-storage.

Trying to solve and manage problems gets more and more challenging when the workspace is full of useless items. These items may include full cabinets, old computers, broken machinery or just a messy desk! Finding things becomes harder, making expectations harder to reach, eventually making workers dissatisfied with work and unmotivated to carry on.

Efficient housekeeping isn’t just about increasing work speeds, not done correctly,  it can be incredibly detrimental to health and safety. If floors and halls are filled with cabinets, wires, or general waste, it can be a slip/ trip hazard to visitors or staff. Low cleanliness of workspaces requires close attention to reduce the chances of someone hurting themselves. Good housekeeping is also a basic part of fire prevention.

If your workspace has cabinets, they most likely contain things that are no longer needed in the process of your work. By filling our storage solutions with old equipment, paperwork, etc, you can be living the idea of being effective and productive throughout the day.

It is understandable that you may not want to throw away your equipment or machinery, even if it isn’t used often. If this is the case, it may be worth having self-storage. Self-storage is for people who have lots of excess stock or don’t have enough storage space on their own premises. Therefore, storage containers offer the simplicity of holding your stuff, .without the sacrifice of security.


At M54 Space Centre, we understand how valuable your possessions are. That is why we offer secure 24-hour storage space. Whether you’re moving house, or your business/workspace has too much stuff – we have the solution for you. With low-cost, flexible solutions, we are suitable for both businesses and individuals.

To see more about self-storage and containers available, click here: https://www.m54spacecentre.com/telford/self-storage-containers or contact us today on 0845 209 2660.