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How Does a Weighbridge Work?

A weighbridge allows users to weigh and digitally record the weight of their vehicle (and its contents). They are used by many different businesses, in a multitude of applications. By accurately recording these digital readings, businesses are able to obtain accurate statistics. By knowing the weight of the vehicle, businesses can calculate the weight of the freight, allowing costs to be accurately given. For freight being transported across borders, weighbridges are also used to calculate any import taxes.

Typically, most weighbridges use load-cell systems. These cells are made from durable material such as concrete or steel. These cells would then have strain gauges embedded within or attached to it. These strain gauges work by transmitting a mild electrical current, which alters when the strain gauge is altered or compressed. A junction box then picks up this signal and measures the current variance to give an accurate weight reading.

If you’re looking for a public weighbridge that you can use in the Wolverhampton area, then look no further than the M54 Space Centre. Our weighbridge can weigh vehicles up to 18m long. We offer extremely competitive pricing at just £12 per weigh, or £20 for 2.

Weighing your vehicle will ensure that do not incur any overloading fines. Furthermore, vehicle overloading can be dangerous, so it helps ensure safer driving too! Once weighed, you will receive a printed ticket, confirming the weight.

The M54 Space Centre is located just off of Junction 2 on the M54 Motorway. This makes us ideally located, particularly for lorries and other freight vehicles.