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5 Top tips for making the most of office meetings.

Every industry relies on office meetings to get things done. And most employees dread them. That’s because even when the meeting is necessary and productive, your team members have about a million other things they need to accomplish. Their to-do lists don’t disappear simply because you scheduled a mandatory meeting.


  1. Stick to an Agenda

Without an agenda, your meeting will stray from its course and likely last longer than it should. So, create a firm agenda ahead of time to keep all attendees focused and ensure you cover the material you need to.

If there’s a specific challenge to which you need a solution, encourage staff to prepare solutions beforehand, so the meeting focuses on relevant solutions rather than on the problem. This will help employees feel invested because they are contributing to the meeting.

The New York Times bestselling author Mark Murphy suggests having a clear outline can shave as much as 17 minutes off your meeting time.


  1. Make it your time to shine

Don’t be afraid to participate in meetings and ask questions. Asking someone to clarify a point or elaborate on something you’re unfamiliar with can be a little nerve-wracking but it can also work in your favour. Your co-workers will recognize that you’re paying attention and thinking critically about the topic at hand.


  1. Change the scenery

Meetings can be repetitive and boring, which can hamper productivity. When your team gets comfortable with its surroundings, they may disengage and check out. Shake things up by moving your meeting to a different location at M54 Space Centre. Changing the environment can break up cliques and disrupt the routine, which encourages creativity.

We have a wide range of conference rooms and meeting rooms in Telford. These offer various sizes and layouts.


  1. Use technology

Technology has been consistently identified as one of the key contributing factors for meeting planner venue choices. So, our meeting rooms feature stylish, contemporary furnishings. Furthermore, there are multiple audio and visual equipment options.


  1. Follow up

By the end of the meeting, you should have a written list of next steps. Each action item should have a single owner and a concrete timeline. When you take this approach to documenting work and responsibilities, you’ll ensure that tasks won’t fall through the cracks and your next meeting will be that much more productive.


Are you in need of a meeting room? Or fancy a change of scenery?

Our meeting rooms in Shropshire come with an array of options and solutions. This allows you to help you make that business meeting or conference a success.

  • Competitively priced
  • Capacity from a 4 person interview room to a 20 person Boardroom meetings
  • Configured to suit your needs
  • Overhead Projector
  • Ideal Location
  • Dry-wipe board and flip chart in each room
  • Buffet lunch available upon request
  • Beverages

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