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  • Equivalent to an average sized bedroom.
  • Furnishings for a one bedroom apartment plus other boxes and appliances.
  • External: 10ft x 8ft 2.09m x 2.43m
  • Internal: 9ft x 7ft 8" 2.84m x 2.35m

  • 0 - Wolverhampton
  • 0 - Telford


  • Equivalent to a one car garage.
  • Furnishings for a two or three bedroom apartment or house, appliances, lawn equipment, car or small boat, other boxes.
  • External: 20ft x 8ft 6.06m x 2.43m
  • Internal: 19ft 4" x 7ft 8" 5.09m x 2.35m

  • 8 - Wolverhampton
  • 0 - Telford


  • Equivalent to a one and a half car garage.
  • Furnishings for a four or five bedroom house, appliances, lawn equipment, patio furniture, car or small boat, other boxes.
  • External: 40ft x 8ft 12.02m x 2.43m
  • Internal: 39ft 5" x 7ft 8" 12.04m x 2.35m

  • 2 - Wolverhampton
  • 0 - Telford

Coming soon!

10ft, 20ft & 40ft will soon be available to buy.